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    How that we've all mostly likely had the chance to witness the GBBB, whether it be online or in person, do you think the results were fair?
    Why or why not?

    Hey everyone!

    I was just curious to what inspired your stage name.

    And if you could go back in time, would you change it? What to?


    Hey everyone!

    We'd love to hear from you. Post your YouTube channel, or Soundcloud links in the Showcase area.
    We want to listen to your talents.


    Hello beatbox fam!

    Recently I had the pleasure of meeting my amazing friend from the server. Some of you may know him as Ruke.

    Our experience was a great one!

    I hosted a party and he brought a few friends. We ate chili and hot wings, joked around, sang karaoke, played Cards Against Humanity and chatted until 2 in the morning.


    So I wanted to know who you first met in the beatbox community? Who did you meet up with? Do you have any stories about that day?

    Now hopefully you've gotten a chance to look around the website a bit.

    Since its brand new we don't have too much going on just yet, but we hope with your help we can get the creative juices flowing!

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions for our new website?

    What would you like to see more of?


    I know it's hard to choose just one, I know it is for me anyway.

    So I'll make this easier on you.

    We need to know, who are your top 5 beatboxers?

    What makes you love them so much?

    Mine, personally are:






    (In no particular order)


    Scratch's old school style brings me back to when I first discovered Felix Zenger. He can even do the routine that I love! And his stage name fits him well, have you heard those scratches?!

    When I first heard Timmeh on our TeamSpeak he did "Pony". And if any of you know me, you'd know how that played out... After Timmeh left for awhile I had withdraws from lack of "Pony". I'd ask anyone and everyone if they could do it. That's when Mellow stepped in...

    If you've heard Mellow's beats, you'd know there's no bass sexier than his. (Maybe that's just me?) But his versions of Ginuwine''s "Pony", and Red's "Broke B****" are just too good.

    And as far as Canadians go, I'd have to say Rayn is my absolute favourite. The sounds he's able to make are melodious and impressive! Oh, and I should mention that he also raps. Now, I'm not a fan of rapping, as many know---but Rayn is the one exception. If you haven't heard any of his routines, you can check one out on Swissbeatbox now. Otherwise stick around the TeamSpeak, you're bound to run into him.

    And I might have saved the best for last...

    SHEEP! Now Sheep is a very good friend of mine, but it doesn't make me biased when it comes to his skills. His routines will get stuck in your head for weeks, no exaggeration. Not only does he have some amazing beats, but he sings beautifully and plays guitar as well!

    He is simply the nicest person I've ever talked to, this includes the outside world as well. So, if you haven't met Sheep yet, you can that trust you are missing out!

    So drop your top 5 faves below, and tell us why you love them!


    Happy Valentine's Day from one American to well, everyone else!

    I'm not sure who celebrates and who doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I'm here to spread the love. :*:love:

    I mean we have had some pretty cute couples: Trung Bao & Chiwawa, BBK & Piratheeban...I'm mostly joking

    But I need to know...

    Who would you LOVE to see tagteam?

    Or even just do a video together?


    Ten years ago 15-year-old me came across a video on YouTube that I became obsessed with. This video was that of one Felix Zenger.

    I thought it was incredibly impressive that someone could make all those sounds, those beats, those rhythms by only using their mouth.

    He sparked my first love of beatboxing.

    9 years later I was just chatting with people on a Minecraft Team Speak and they told me if I liked music, I should follow them to another TeamSpeak.

    They brought me here, to Beatbox-rap!

    It was pretty late at night so not many people were on. In my first hour of being there I met AznStylez, Audical, and Ruke.

    Ever since then my love for Beatboxing has grown stronger than ever. Unfortunately I never got very good at it.

    I'm always too busy listening to others and sitting in awe of how talented they are.

    Who made you interested in beatboxing?

    Who sparked your love for it?

    Have you brought others into the community as well?

    Now everyone in our beatbox community knows big names like Alem, Alexinho, Ibarra, Slizzer, Timmeh, BBK, etc...

    The list goes on and on.

    But for people outside of our community they don't know them as well.

    They might know for example, Ed Sheeran for beatboxing. He's a pretty big celebrity nowadays.

    And obviously they're not nearly as talented as the people we know, but it still makes me think...

    So who is your favourite CELEBRITY beatboxer?

    (NOT in our community.)

    Hello again everyone!

    I was thinking about new people who have no idea what beatbox REALLY is.

    You know the people who put their hand over their mouth and go " pow chicka chow wiki wiki wiki"?

    What techniques or videos would you show them to really impress them?

    How would you show those people how cool our beatbox family REALLY is?

    Drop some below!


    Hey beatbox fam!

    We always have new people wanting to join the community, especially after hearing how talented all of you are.

    So what advice what you give to someone just starting out in the beatbox field?

    What should they work on first?

    Any certain videos they should check out?