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    I think Guests are allowed to join an event but you can always ask the person that is hosting the event.

    Hope that answered your question.

    Hello Nava,

    There is a calendar page on top of the forum web-page with atleast 3 events strolled out each week, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Most of these events are beatbox (friendly) tournaments.
    To join any of these events, simply join the Teamspeak server on the given day/time and request the "participant" role from the current event host.

    I hope this answered your question.

    You can request your "role" by contacting any Moderator + on the Teamspeak Server.

    For any more information regarding the eligibility to request roles, make sure to read "§1. General" of the Teamspeak Rules which can be found here:
    Rules or How To: Teamspeak

    Definitely upvoting this! Also duo or group karaoke's would be nice too. I remember doing harmonization with some folks and it was alot of fun despite my incapability of harmonizing! ^^

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    2. Time of Ban: [dd/mm/yyyy] -[dd/mm/yyyy]
    3. Banned By:
    4. IP-banned: Yes/No
    5. Reason: [You are required to briefly explain what happened and why you were banned]
    6. Screenshot:*Optional*

    Here you will find the format to use when submitting a request, please provide as much information as you can.
    Upon being resolved, you'll receive a notification on your thread! You're also allowed to create polls if that's applicable.
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    I'd like to share some ideas and thoughts to improve the forum board to a more convenient tool to use and and share things. There will be a list with all sorts of suggestions and explanation-value's are appointed to those that need more explanation or insight. Suggestions with an apostrophe will have their respective details represented at the bottom of this thread.

    1. Report Topic *: A simple and easy format-"code" can be copied and pasted from the Topic listing various information that will be required from the reporter, regarding rulebreaking or abuse.
    2. Personal Platform: Get to know eachother and the members better by having a topic where users can create threads about theirselves, how they first came in contact with BBR, a small bio or their hobbies.
    3. Scheduling Board: For people that would like to announce when they are going to stream, perform, start events (more personal or "underground" and not BBX events) etc...- on Teamspeak or any other server/website.

    *Small example of a Report Format:

    1. Reason:
    2. Teamspeak Username:
    3. Forum Name:
    4. Screenshots/Recording/Video/Logs:

    I'll try to update this Thread on weekly basis, hopefully you guys like the suggestions I've thrown out here and if you did make sure to vote them up, that way we can keep track of what's being really appreciated and what's not. Think twice before you vote for a suggestion, you won't be able to alter your results!