Moderator abusing their powers recorded

  • Reason : As Blacki says "Argueing and toxic over a 10 minute ban -

    My Teamspeak Username : Nafees

    My Forum Name : Nafees

    1. Screenshots/Recording/Video/Logs: This is a one minute and thirty second clip of a moderator basically abusing their powers. I believe that someone should do something about this happening.

  • Hello Nafees!

    Thanks for your report!

    I'm sorry, that i had to "abuse" my power by banning you from our Teamspeak-Server "" lately. But there were some Issues we usually don't want to get from an actual member our Beatbox Community.

    The ban reason was your attitude and behave in front an Staff Member (Moderator).

    You joined on my channel and kept asking for the Rapper Tag that you did not achieve because of less knowledge, after i told you that you kept asking the same question over and over and simply ignored that (I acted professional!) that usually is instantly punished with a "MUTE/ Server Mute (temp)"!

    After that i wanted to have some fun by playing a game with a good friend of mine.

    I talked with my friend in the "Beatbox Talk" Channel about the game and you joined the channel and asked the one and only question (give me the "Rapper" Tag).

    We left the channel and went to our gaming Area and hoped that we can play in peace without any kind of disturb in that channel. You obviously joined that channel and asked the same question again. I decliened that question and while we were playing you started to do random Beatbox.

    I "abused" my powers and banned your for 10 minutes for beeing annoying.

    After the 10 minutes you came back in our channel and argue with me about the 10 minute ban and tell me that i acted wrong and that i should have not banned you. After asking why you got banned i told you the reason: "provokation" what you kinda denied and after that you told me that i cant even spell annoying right! You received an 1 day ban over that.

    Honestly the fact that you join my channel with a recording programm and talk about why you got a 10 minute ban is kinda sad where i just wanted to have chilled night by playing games. The thing that annoys me most is that you are already a member of our Community and still didn't read the rules how to behave in general and how to behave in front a Moderator.

    I hope in the future you will learn how to behave and be more mature. I still wish you a good time on our server even we had to end up like that.

    With best regards

    Music is the best way to tell a person what you really feel for them.

    Blacki l Moderator

  • I was permenently banned for no reason, as i was in rap. i beatboxed as i rapped, ans she told me to stop beatboxing wile rapping as it was anoying.... i cant remember who... just plez unbann me :( its been so long..

    TS name: PixelatedBeatboxer or

    pixelation i cant realy remember