Moderators ban people how they want

  • I got banned by Hardbox for the Reason "Störung" on english "disturbance" for 24 hours because people, that knew each other and were friends reported me and told him, that i insulted them. Without any proof, he bans me for disturbance, just because i was defending myself. I wasn't loud, i let him speak (he was lagging really hard, so i always tried to make breaks after he spoke, so i dont interrupt him) and he still bans me for no reason.

    He told me that i got 2 other complaints from previous weeks or months. So what? They arent important in that case. In none of them i got banned and there wasn't any proof either. Im getting really sick of this, i gotta wait 24h for doing absolutely nothing. This happened about one month ago, where i logged onto the teamspeak with the name "yill kourself" (look closely). A female mod told me to change it, i asked why and i got immediatly banned for 48h.

    Although i got banned once by Oby i think, this was a whole other thing. And that ban was a long time ago and had nothing in common with that case today.

    I want a private talk with the Mod "Hardbox" and the heads of this teamspeak. to say what he did wrong. i dont care if hes been a mod for a long time, everyone makes mistakes, everyone can change.

    Ts-Name: ViCious

    Forum name: ViCious

    Mod that banned me: Hardbox

  • Id like to put in my word for a good reason.

    ViCious i know you from other communitys were you get banned every single day for trolling that obviously i cant translate the same behaviour on our community as well.

    But because i already talked to you and i already know you i told you that if you do shit here we dont waste our time to long.

    @Kasino id like to have ViCious permantly banned from our Server because of a very toxic behaviour a rude attitude and most of the time trolling on teamspeaks.

    with best regards

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