How To: Teamspeak

  • To join us on Teamspeak, there are 3 simple steps:

    1. Download & install Teamspeak.

    2. Setup Teamspeak.

    • Go through the simple setup process.
    • Choose a nickname (you can always change it later).
    • Change voice settings to your preference (Push-To-Talk is recommended).

    3. Connect to the BRC server.

    • Connections (located at the top left corner).
    • Connect.
    • Server Address: server password).

    • Connected.
    • You're in! :)

    Some information on how to get started:

    1. Choose a valid and appropriate nickname.

    • It has to be appropriate, read the rules for more information regarding nicknames.

    2. On your first connection to the server, you will be assigned the server group "Guest" for 3 days, without any permission to type or talk.

    • This serves to protect the server from harassment like spam, ads, script-kiddies, trolls, etc.

    3. You will be able to talk in F F A (Free For All) channels.

    • These channels are normally positioned at the top of the area.

    4. You will need to request for talk power to be able to talk in the other channels.

    • You can do this by right clicking on your name then clicking "Request Talk Power".

    5. After 3 days, you can approach anyone from the team to become "Mate" or to get an art symbol.

    • Having the "Mate" server groups grants you permission to type or talk in any channel.
    • Showcase your talents to the team member and you will receive the according art symbol. For example: Beatbox and you get a "B" icon next to your name!

    6. Inquiries directed to team members will not be processed immediately. Please be patient!