• I know it's hard to choose just one, I know it is for me anyway.

    So I'll make this easier on you.

    We need to know, who are your top 5 beatboxers?

    What makes you love them so much?

    Mine, personally are:






    (In no particular order)


    Scratch's old school style brings me back to when I first discovered Felix Zenger. He can even do the routine that I love! And his stage name fits him well, have you heard those scratches?!

    When I first heard Timmeh on our TeamSpeak he did "Pony". And if any of you know me, you'd know how that played out... After Timmeh left for awhile I had withdraws from lack of "Pony". I'd ask anyone and everyone if they could do it. That's when Mellow stepped in...

    If you've heard Mellow's beats, you'd know there's no bass sexier than his. (Maybe that's just me?) But his versions of Ginuwine''s "Pony", and Red's "Broke B****" are just too good.

    And as far as Canadians go, I'd have to say Rayn is my absolute favourite. The sounds he's able to make are melodious and impressive! Oh, and I should mention that he also raps. Now, I'm not a fan of rapping, as many know---but Rayn is the one exception. If you haven't heard any of his routines, you can check one out on Swissbeatbox now. Otherwise stick around the TeamSpeak, you're bound to run into him.

    And I might have saved the best for last...

    SHEEP! Now Sheep is a very good friend of mine, but it doesn't make me biased when it comes to his skills. His routines will get stuck in your head for weeks, no exaggeration. Not only does he have some amazing beats, but he sings beautifully and plays guitar as well!

    He is simply the nicest person I've ever talked to, this includes the outside world as well. So, if you haven't met Sheep yet, you can that trust you are missing out!

    So drop your top 5 faves below, and tell us why you love them!


  • D-Low, first time I heard his first I was so... "What", His bass and scratch are so goooood. Since then I didn't find someone who can do better innovative beat than him.

    Codfish is my second. I listened to Codfish for a loooong time and I was so inspired by the fact that he was like me...

    Alem is the third. To me, Alem is a legend. Sort of man who came from nowhere and show you amazing skills and technics

    I also realy realy love Napom because of his fu***** good flow and cool beats

    And the last is Effaybee. I followed Effaybee for a long time again since he was active and I realy enjoyed listening to his routines