My interest in Beatbox.

  • Ten years ago 15-year-old me came across a video on YouTube that I became obsessed with. This video was that of one Felix Zenger.

    I thought it was incredibly impressive that someone could make all those sounds, those beats, those rhythms by only using their mouth.

    He sparked my first love of beatboxing.

    9 years later I was just chatting with people on a Minecraft Team Speak and they told me if I liked music, I should follow them to another TeamSpeak.

    They brought me here, to Beatbox-rap!

    It was pretty late at night so not many people were on. In my first hour of being there I met AznStylez, Audical, and Ruke.

    Ever since then my love for Beatboxing has grown stronger than ever. Unfortunately I never got very good at it.

    I'm always too busy listening to others and sitting in awe of how talented they are.

    Who made you interested in beatboxing?

    Who sparked your love for it?

    Have you brought others into the community as well?