About BeatboxRapCom

Beatboxrapcom is a music community project for Beatboxers, Rappers, Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Deejays and Producers.

We provide a community for talented individuals from all over the world to gather and to make music together.

We mainly meet on Teamspeak as our main platform.

We want to hear your talent so come and join us now!

Join our TeamSpeak to show off your skills, learn new ones, hang out with friends, and collaborate with amazing people.

** WANTED ***

✘Make Music with Friends.

✘Get in touch with your Skills.

✘Start great Music Projects.


Wunknown": "The beatboxrap.com server is personally one of my favorites, and its an extremely inviting community that's constantly growing"


[abrams] jumajova": a golden egg fell into the beatbox/instrumental community. it was this teamspeak server. Here, people come from all over to share and grow musical talents. One day the golden egg will kill us all. . . Until that happens, let's make some noise and hope it means something! get grooving people!

people like:

- zer0

- onedrain

- Audical

- Inertia

- Slykku

grew with us and build their talent.

Famous people joined:

- Alem

- Alexinho


- Ibarra

- JFlo

- Napom

- Wunknown (ABC 2017)

- Saro (GBBB 2017 Loopstation)